Community Arts Pub the Bread and Roses will be hosting a night of Japanese dance/pop music to co-inside with Plymouth University Japan 400. The ‘Loose Fit’ evening normally focuses on Balearic Disco, but on Friday 3rd October DJ Francois Parker will be treating fans of his monthly night to contemporary music from Japan, rarely played in Plymouth venues.

The night will span Japanese Disco, J-Pop, Funk, City Pop, Synth Pop and will be mixed with some more familiar sounds.

DJ Francois Parker said “"It will be a chance to dig in the crates and play a night of strictly Japanese Music. From the funk inspired sounds Japan picked up on in the 70s after being exposed to such music by visiting US servicemen, the Japanese synth-pop sounds that are imbedded in the DNA of both hip hop and House culture. Right up to modern Japanese artists adding their unique twist to modern style, from ambient soundscapes, percussion packed Samurai soundtrack break beats, and city-pop .  This will be a night of strictly Nihon breaks and beats!”
A selection of Japanese beers and whiskey will also be available on the night. Entry is Free.
Friday 3rd October 8pm