Appaloosas are a three piece band from Dartmoor, Devon, UK, who perform
music from the Appalachian region of the eastern United States of America. 
Music rooted in traditional folk ballads and tunes brought over by immigrants 
from the British Isles which in turn influenced the popular Old-time music and 
recordings of the 1920's and 30's made famous by the likes of Charlie Poole 
and The Carter Family to name a few.

The band is built around the outstanding Appalachian and Old-time inspired 
vocals from Eliza Acty, clawhammer banjo and guitar from Peter Acty, and 
decorated by the intricate melodies from virtuoso fiddle player Stephen Potter.
Peter Acty, and daughter Eliza have enjoyed exploring and playing Appalachian 
songs and ballads for a number of years. It was when Eliza decided to pick up 
the guitar to accompany the Banjo that a more Old-Time sound was 
discovered. Steve was then introduced to add a larger sound with his fiddle 
playing and the idea of the band Appaloosas was born.

Since forming, the band has recorded two albums, their self-titled debut in 
2012 and more recently, Sassafras Tea. The band has gained a good live 
reputation around the south west and in 2013 played at the Cornish Bluegrass 
Festival to critical acclaim.