Jouis (Jhew-ee) are a 5 piece band based in Brighton, UK. Combining Jazz, Psychedelia and Progressive Rock, their sounds are designed to open your mind, and spirit you away to new lucid dimensions.
Jouis is a French word roughly translated as 'high enjoyment' (derived from 'Jouissance'), a philosophy the band has upheld since its inception in 2008.

Masterly ’70’s-styled psych-folk-rock from Brighton quintet - 8/10
- Uncut

With interesting harmonies and song structures this music is out of normal space and time, and is mighty refreshing as a result 
- Guitar Techniques

On debut album Dojo these young lads have clearly studied their craft - and listened to a pile of acid-rock and prog albums to boot
- Record Collector

like Amnesiac-era Radiohead meets early Pink Floyd but with a pop-led futuristic vision - Gigwise