Omer either performs solo, or as part of his band 'Kayali Roots'. Some years ago he was the lead Singer / Percussionist for Bristol-based band Mankala, but now follows a different musical path in his life. Omer also puts his talents into performing solo gigs and other musical liaisons, as well as teaching Drumming to the local community, and providing the drumming for many community dance groups.

Omer is a musician from the Island of Martinique in the Caribbean. As well as being an outstanding and flamboyant percussionist with a deep knowledge of ancient traditions of the instruments he plays, he is also a guitarist and singer-songwriter.
Here is Omer's brief description using his own words.

ORIGINS: I come from the Earth. It was the earth who gave directions to my spirit which ended up in my mums belly in Martinique, in the French Caribbean. Since I've been in this world I just hear music and rhythm everywhere I go. I come from a musical family and I play music since I have memory. I started off back in Martinique playing different percussion instruments in a Salsa band called "El Chiquito Combo".

In 1982 I came to France where I played with many African artists and I spent 5 years in a Reggae band called "Kshagryors". Circumstances of life brought me to England in 1997 where I had the pleasure to play with many master percussionists and to participate in festivals like "The Tribe of Doris". At the moment I am committed to 'Kayali Roots' band, but also perform as a solo artist around Bristol, as well as collaborating with other projects, and the odd Jazz gig here and there.

MAIN INSTRUMENT: My voice and everything that makes sound and is percussive. I am a percussionist from my head to my toes. Also, I play bass and guitar, which I use to compose my songs and come up with ideas, melodies, harmonies and grooves which can then become a reality through my music, as shown in some of the videos linked below.