We are ‘Farrell Family’ – Eddie, Frankie and Catie Farrell. Our band was formed in 2013, and we play in the English, Scottish and Irish folk traditions.

Hi, we are ‘Farrell Family’ – Eddie, Frankie and Catie Farrell. Nowadays we are based mainly in Devon and Cornwall, but our origins are in West Cork and Dublin (as well as England, Scotland, and Central Europe). Our name is taken from our (great-) grandmother Katie Farrell, who died in Dublin in April 1916 aged 44. Without her (but not just her, of course) none of us would be who or where we are.
Our first big project was the double CD The William Morris Songbook which we released in 2014. This is our tribute to the great 19th century designer and political activist William Morris, and consists of English and Scottish radical songs dating from the 14th to the 21st century - songs which Morris would have known and sung during his own lifetime, or which he would have liked had he still been alive today.
You can hear this CD,and watch videos of us rehearsing on our website, www.farrellfamilyband.co.uk
We have recently appeared at the Fowey Festival of Words and Music, and at Lostfest. Photos and videos of our performances there will be available shortly. We hope to play more gigs this summer, and will keep you posted via this page and our website.
Farrell Family