Mae Karthauser boasts a collection of vibrant circus-esque songs that tell vivid stories of wayward characters both human and animal. Song and music are coupled with a distinctive twist of humour and eccentrically woven anecdotes (on topics as wide as resident ladybirds, the violent homeless, and literature for 8-10-year-olds). Sometimes shows have come wildly embellished, dressed with magical theatrical elements and audience participation to create another world in which the boundaries of performer and spectator are miraculously blended…
Whether alone, or surrounded by a troupe of anything up to ten musicians, dancers, acrobats and clowns, Mae has audiences nestled playfully in the palm of her hand, as she strokes each one of them gently on the head, grinning like a badly behaved child in the chocolate aisle.

“Her engaging bohemian style emerges in fairytale songs which suggest the rhythmic romp of the carousel, the sights the sounds the smells of the carnival… Populated by wayward characters and Eastern European and gypsy klezmer vibes” Western Morning News
"Dancing on the highwire, without a safety net" Songlines
"Lovely!" Bob Harris, BBC
"Delightfully original" Electric Ghost
"A twilight world, caught between candyfloss sweetness and an altogether sharper undertone ***" R2 Magazine
“From her bright red keyboard she deftly sculpts compelling narratives into disarmingly catchy songs that only she could have conjured”
The Canteen, Bristol